When there is another General Election how will you vote?


Written and posted by Geoff Bishop.

This is our European flag, flying since the Referendum.

It will fly at least until we are safely in the EU once more, or until Brexit has been reversed.

I voted Liberal Democrats as they were Pro EU, as opposed to ‘Tactical Voting’. I never did see the sense in that, and it did not work, did it? If the Lib Dems had secured the same number of seats as at the time of the coalition, we might have seen a totally different picture today. They might have held the balance of power, or at least caused a huge upset and the support for the EU would have been more clearly visible. No, I know we do not have proportional representation, and that is big problem and totally unfair as we all know. However the true feelings of the British public would have been apparent and it could have been a platform for future elections. I was told that we want something done now and not in the future. Well, nothing was done of any use and we are in a worse situation in terms of support for a Pro EU party. Unfortunately too many people voted tactically. Was it a good idea to vote for Labour, with a confirmed EU sceptic as a leader? I couldn’t see the point then and I still don’t see the point. The idea it seems was to get this ghastly right wing version of the Tory Party out and worry about it later. Well, the time has come to do the worrying! What now? Will there be another General Election? Will we at last see the end of that woman, May and her right wing cronies?

Tactical voting calls for you to abandon your right to choose which party you want to represent you. You don’t really care who you are voting for, only that the vote is going to the person who is most likely to remove the Tory Party.

The Tory Party is now not even fit to call itself Conservative. Once upon a time, not too long ago, (like in the last coalition) it was a little right of centre. Now it has become a lot more right of centre. So far right in fact, that the previous supporters of UKIP are joining the Conservatives. It really seems more like the Conservatives have joined the remnants of the UKIP party.

Tactical voting just seems a crazy way of exercising one’s vote. Our system of choosing a government has always in the past been based on the idea of choosing what one wants, not what one does not want.

Tactical voting should produce a hung parliament and therefore a subsequent coalition government.  Well in spite of a lot of sniping and grumbling, the Liberal Democrats held the Conservative Party’s extreme policies at bay rather well.

You can’t vote for ‘None of these parties’ or spoil the ballot slip. You will just be looked on as somebody that does not understand how voting works. Your protest will have been in vain.

First past the post voting is supposed to give us an opposition Party to hold back the Government. It should ensure that all members of the public are represented. Unfortunately, the extreme far left Labour Party did not play the game as it should be played and they let the Party and the people down badly. It is clear that a coalition Government is badly needed. The last coalition Government was formed from parties both sides of centre.

Voting for who you want in rather than who you want out can still send a powerful message as it is very easily seen who is second and third most popular in every constituency.

So, now you have had the experience of voting tactically, will you vote tactically next time, given the chance to vote again, or will you vote for who you do want, a Pro EU party?