The Tories are dragging us straight off the edge of a Brexit cliff


Posted by Geoff Bishop.

Written by The Daily Record.

Britain is embarking on the biggest act of economic self-harm in history, says Record View.

Apart from obviously being top Tories, what do Ruth Davidson, David Mundell and Theresa May have in common?

All three politicians campaigned for the UK to remain in the European Union, although you wouldn’t know that now.

Davidson is willing to have her 12 new Scottish Tory MPs troop through the voting lobby in Westminster with the hard Brexiteers who would take the country over a cliff.

David Mundell is doing his best to stumble over the devolution settlement that facilitates Brexit and to turn up the gas on Brexit and breaking up Britain.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is cravenly bowing to the frothing Brexiteer wing of her party to deliver a policy she can’t bring herself to say she would vote for.

The Government’s own figures of a Brexit knockout blow to the economy, the warnings that billions will be lost in international investment, the sheer head-scratching incredulity of the rest of the world deliver the message loud and clear…

Britain, under this Tory Government, is embarked on the biggest act of economic self-harm in history.

There is no logic, no argument, no sane case for leaving the European Union.

None of these three people at the top of the Tory party can demur from that.

Few of their Scottish Tory MPs are genuine leavers or are convinced of the case to go.

Yet the insanity goes on.

And if you thought the Tory party leadership were the loony, toothless and gumless of Brexit, take a look across the aisle at Labour’s front bench.

The view isn’t much better.