Corbyn, Labour and Brexit

The latest confirmation of Corbyn’s deep-seated hatred of the EU (see “Jeremy Corbyn under fire over refusal to attend cross-party meeting on staying in single market”, Independent, Guardian, Reuters earlier today) has highlighted yet further trouble ahead. Because, horrifying as it is to see the Continue Reading

A Tory Grandee prefers a leftist Labour Government to Brexit. How the referendum has skewed the political landscape.

A Labour government might not be as bad as Brexit, claims Heseltine The Conservative peer said Labour might abandon Brexit, and leave the Tories ‘holding the baby’ Heseltine said, while a Labour government would cause ‘short-term’ damage, Brexit would be worse in the long term. Continue Reading

Anas Sarwar will take on Jeremy Corbyn over single market

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Paris Gourtsoyannis Anas Sarwar has pledged to lobby Jeremy Corbyn to keep the UK in the European single market and customs union after Brexit if he is elected leader of Scottish Labour. Seeking to put pressure on leadership rival Continue Reading

Labour’s Brexit stance is no tactical masterstroke—it’s just incompetence

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Oliver Kamm. How the party got to this state is an interesting question with a dispiriting answer Labour’s stance on Brexit is getting through to the public: it doesn’t have one. YouGov polling shows that 43 per cent of Continue Reading

Corbyn’s lacklustre Brexit campaign comes under attack

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by The Herald. Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has backed a public vote on the final Brexit deal. The MSP said people should be given a final say if the terms of leaving the European Union do not include single Continue Reading

What could Labour push for on a “softer Brexit” and would Conservative MPs support it?

Article posted by Geoff Bishop It is reported that there are 342 MPs who will support a “softer Brexit” – including 255 Labour MPs, 25 Conservatives and 10 DUP – versus 297 supporting a “harder Brexit”. We seem to have moved on from the terms Continue Reading