Send a message to the two main parties at the council elections!

Written by Geoff Bishop. It is now or never for us to influence Brexit. If you choose a Party to vote for that has never done anything wrong throughout History and is whiter than white in every way, has always been right on every issue, Continue Reading

If there was another Referendum, would we accept a Leave result?

Written by Geoff Bishop. If there was another Referendum, would we accept a Leave result?   A number of Corbyn supporters are still saying loudly that it is undemocratic not to accept the result of the Referendum, which asked whether or not we should leave Continue Reading

Political positions of Jeremy Corbyn through the decades, what is the hope he will suddenly change now?

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Taken directly from the records of Wikipedia. Corbyn: “Am I a Marxist? That is an interesting question! (He does not deny it!) When Andrew Marr asked Corbyn “do you regard yourself as a Marxist?”, Corbyn responded by saying: “That is a Continue Reading

Anas Sarwar will take on Jeremy Corbyn over single market

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Paris Gourtsoyannis Anas Sarwar has pledged to lobby Jeremy Corbyn to keep the UK in the European single market and customs union after Brexit if he is elected leader of Scottish Labour. Seeking to put pressure on leadership rival Continue Reading

Labour’s Brexit stance is no tactical masterstroke—it’s just incompetence

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Oliver Kamm. How the party got to this state is an interesting question with a dispiriting answer Labour’s stance on Brexit is getting through to the public: it doesn’t have one. YouGov polling shows that 43 per cent of Continue Reading

Corbyn’s lacklustre Brexit campaign comes under attack

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by The Herald. Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has backed a public vote on the final Brexit deal. The MSP said people should be given a final say if the terms of leaving the European Union do not include single Continue Reading

Bizarre move to block Brexit debate by Jeremy Corbyn supporters

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by John Spellar. Hard-left Jeremy Corbyn supporters deliberately blocked a vote on Brexit to avoid highlighting party divisions over the issue, according to a Labour MP. John Spellar says the ‘bizarre’ decision not to debate Brexit at the Labour Party Continue Reading