If you say David Davis should now resign, you’re thinking too small

Martin Odini sums up the multiple failings of the UK Government in one handy blog: “Little wonder therefore that negotiations with the EU’s representatives are going so badly, when British officials and politicians do not even know the implications of anything they ask for, or Continue Reading

A unique time in UK politics as the government lurches from one controversy to another.

Posted by Geoff Bishop. David Davis Must Go………NOW! Controversy, Gaffe, Disaster! Call the current situation what you will. The extraordinary Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, makes a fool of himself and the UK on a regular basis. This is now an accepted/unacceptable phenomenon and the World Continue Reading

David Davis finally hands over Brexit papers to committee – but they’re heavily redacted

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Kathlen Nutt. DAVID Davis has been accused of keeping Parliament “in the dark” after handing over edited versions of analysis of the potential impact of Brexit on 58 sectors of the UK economy. The handover of the documents to Continue Reading

A hard Brexit could be a ‘real problem’ for peace in Northern Ireland, admits David Davis

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Adam Bienkov. Brexit secretary admits that failure to secure a Brexit free trade deal would cause a “real problem” for the Northern Ireland peace process. Maintaining an invisible border between the UK and Ireland is central to the Good Friday Continue Reading

David Davis draws up plans for no deal on Brexit talks

Posted By Geoff Bishop. Written by Lucy Fisher of The Times. Minister urges drastic approach as May faces EU David Davis is to present an upbeat assessment of a “no-deal” Brexit to the cabinet in a big shift in Britain’s negotiating strategy. The Brexit secretary Continue Reading

Brexit Not Happening Is Now Definitely a Possibility

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Mark Wilding. Negotiations over Britain’s departure from the EU are at a standstill. Most commentators suggest fault lies either with Europe and its vindictive desire to punish Britain, or the unreasonable demands being made by the British delegation. But Continue Reading

Theresa May interview: ‘The truth is my feelings can be hurt, but I’m pretty resilient’

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Tim Shipman (The Times). The PM talks frankly about her conference disaster — and why she’ll be funnier in future. Did you feel nervous when it had been billed as a make-or-break speech? There is a lot of hard Continue Reading

How the Brexit negotiations are likely to proceed

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Dr. Mervyn Martin. On June 23 2016, the United Kingdom experienced a phenomenon that is the epitome of the democratic process. This was the government reverting a choice to the people. Usually saved for very important issues facing a Continue Reading

Brexit could stall for months over UK ‘daydreaming’ as Lords warn of Tory power grab

Posted by Geoff Bishop. Written by Kirsteen Paterson. BREXIT talks could stall for months unless the UK agrees to meet its financial commitments, the EU’s chief negotiator has said. As the latest round of talks draws to a close, Michel Barnier said the “constructive week” Continue Reading