Sky News: Why do you think you can interfere in the Brexit process?


Posted by Geoff Bishop.

Interview on Sky News.

Pro-Brexit Sky News this morning actually allowed The Chairman of Best for Britain, Lord Malloch-Brown to be interviewed on the George Soros story regarding his donation of £400,000 to Best for Britain to help them broadcast the truth about Brexit.

He was met by an aggressive and obviously annoyed presenter. This was for her it seemed a way of attacking the upholders of truth and democracy.

She vigorously demanded to know “Why do you think you can interfere in the Brexit process? The British people have spoken. They have given their decision.”

Malloch-Brown kept his cool and said that “The great glory of democracy, that as we are presented with new facts and new truths, we are allowed to change our minds. That’s what makes us different to Countries behind the old Iron Curtain. I think that right to hear rational facts is what motivates George Soros and myself. We think actually we were all told a lie by the Leave Campaign and were miss-sold the benefits of leaving the EU. This didn’t do the British people justice. Now that the real facts are emerging it is the right that the British people are allowed a second say.

” The interviewer attacked again by saying: “There are those that would say that it is very arrogant of you, as many people knew exactly what they were voting for.

” Malloch-Brown said “They deserve to know the truth”.

He was met with: “They deserve to be persuaded by you!”.

Malloch-Brown said “I don’t think they were voting for economic decline and the losses of many doctors and nurses and also people from British industry.”