Should Theresa May and Amber Rudd resign now?


Written by Geoff Bishop.

The Windrush Generation, just another part of this shameful period in British political history.

There have been many, many Governments over the years, some good, some bad, some mediocre, some down-right incompetent.

However, this Government is totally unique, in that they have consistently, deliberately and wilfully deconstructed everything that was good in Britain.

They seem to have removed a democratic Government system and put in its place somewhat akin to a Dictatorship. The Government are not listening to the wishes of the MAJORITY of the British Public. The referendum that was advisory has been turned into something quite different. They are treating it as having been set in stone. There was only a slim majority in the number of people that actually voted. It didn’t take into account, those that didn’t vote and those that were denied a vote.

We were all under- advised of the consequences of leaving the EU. We were consistently lied to about what would happen. There were outside influences over the Referendum, and yet still this Government is ploughing on with this disastrous Brexit.. The Country’s mood is changing fast, a new generation is now allowed to vote and others are changing their minds. There are also still vast numbers of people denied a vote.

We have seen many injustices, we have seen EU nationals and other ‘foreigners’ abused, attacked and spat upon. It is no longer safe to speak another language in Public for fear of abuse, verbal and physical. Surely this Country was well known for its fairness, tolerance and acceptance of other cultures.

However, EU Nationals are leaving the Country and now we have the Windrush Generation catastrophe. This was no accident, no mistake, surely? Was it not carefully engineered? If it wasn’t it was brought about by a Government that have been totally negligent. Either way, why are the heads of this Government not falling on their swords in shame?

The Windrush Generation problems began with the Immigration Act of 2014. This was an act that was implemented by the prime minister and enforced with enthusiasm by Rudd.

Amber Rudd was sorry, so sorry, but Is sorry enough? Theresa May was also very sorry, but not as sorry as the victims! If you make an awful incompetent blunder, in a Commercial organisation you lose your job if the blunder is big enough. So is this blunder big enough? They should all be gone by now. The whole sorry lot of them should resign and an immediate General Election should be called.

Apparently the treatment of the Windrush generation was just one of those things! Profuse apologies but Amber Rudd was determined to take whatever measures were necessary to make sure she and the prime minister held on to their jobs.

“I want the Windrush generation to get British citizenship,” the home secretary said during her Commons statement. What was on offer was something they already thought they had!

Some Commonwealth citizens have lived, worked and paid taxes in the UK for decades. Recently they have been threatened with deportation. The Home Office has asked for paper-work  to prove they have the legal right to remain in the UK.

Apparently it is up to the individual to prove they were resident in the UK before 1 January 1973, when the 1971 Immigration Act came into force. However the key clause that protected them was quietly deleted from the 2014 Immigration Act.

There are some Commonwealth citizens who were given temporary permission to work in the UK, But latest Government requirements on landlords, the NHS etc. to check people’s immigration status have meant that cases have been discovered. All longstanding Commonwealth residents were protected from removal by a specific exemption in the 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act, a clause that was removed in the updated 2014 legislation. People have been secretly stripped of rights even though they have been living here for fifty years. The deletion of the exemption was obviously deliberate. Now that the Government have been found out that they callously deleted people’s rights to live here, they are sorry. Not good enough May and Rudd. You should go now to limit your shame for such a nasty callous act.