Send a message to the two main parties at the council elections!


Written by Geoff Bishop.

It is now or never for us to influence Brexit.

If you choose a Party to vote for that has never done anything wrong throughout History and is whiter than white in every way, has always been right on every issue, has never put a foot wrong, you will unfortunately never vote for any Party. That party does not exist.

This is 2018, not 2015, 2010, 1979, 1973 or 1964. We have a new enemy to fight. We can only do it now at the Ballot box of the Council elections.

It is time to stop fighting old battles and let go of old prejudices. The important battle right now is BREXIT. Nothing else matters. Fight Brexit 100 per cent. Don’t wait for the goodies promised by your favourite Leader. We will not be able to afford them after BREXIT anyway. So it is irrelevant.

If you feel that the candidate from a Brexit Party is a nice man/woman, ignore that sentimental feeling. If you vote for a personality instead of voting for a Pro EU Party, you’ll get what you deserve…BREXIT!

 A Vote for ANY Tory Candidate or ANY Labour Candidate however much you like them, is a vote for BREXIT. It is now vitally important to send a clear message in the Council elections to the two BREXIT Parties that you don’t agree with their policies. Send them an email, explaining why you can’t vote for them, even if you don’t have a Pro EU candidate to vote for.  If that is the case it is better not to vote at all. Your email will do the right job adequately enough. If you however, vote for either Labour or the Tories, they will definitely think that you support BREXIT.  Do you really want to send that message?

This is our last chance to make a difference. We probably won’t get another chance to send the important message that we DON’T WANT BREXIT!