Scotland could block Brexit Great Repeal Bill

Posted by Geoff Bishop

Scottish MSPs could have the power to block the Brexit Great Repeal Bill, Theresa May admitted today.

The Prime Minister revealed Holyrood may have to pass a “legislative consent motion” in order for the bill, which would see Brussels legislation transfer to the House of Commons statute book, to be passed into law at Westminster.
Mrs May was responding to a question from SNP MP Stewart McDonald, who asked if such a motion would be required of the Scottish Parliament for the bill to be passed.
She said: “There is a possibility that a legislative consent motion may be required in the Scottish Parliament, but that is a matter that is being considered currently between the Westminster and the Scottish government.”
A Downing Street spokesperson confirmed they are “looking at” the matter.
A consent motion is required when when Westminster MPs put forward a law on matters usually devolved to regional governments.
Scottish Secretary David Mundell previously predicted that such a vote would be needed and warned there would be “very serious consequences” for Brexit if Scots decided to block the bill.
Speaking in January, he said: “I think there are really big issues that will be in the Great Repeal Bill.
“There will be issues around powers for this parliament and there will be issues around whether we have a hole in our law because the body of European law hasn’t been adopted.
“So not agreeing to the Repeal Bill would have very significant consequences.”
A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “We would hope that everyone would get behind delivering on the will of the British people.”