Remain supporters are very often their own worst enemy


Written and Posted by Geoff Bishop.

To tackle the big challenges of today, REMAIN need to work together. There is NO other way!

There SHOULD only be one issue at the moment for European Union supporters, and that is the matter of Brexit. In fact, politics as a whole should revolve round this one very simple issue. Either you TOTALLY support remaining within the EU or you are effectively supporting Leave. It really is that simple. Everything else should be irrelevant. Of course there are some very important issues, but they should wait until this Brexit matter is sorted out one way or another. You would not want to worry about what you are going to eat tonight if your car was about to go over a cliff, with you inside it, and about to smash to pieces on the rocks below.

Brexit is very much like that. Either Remainers start to speak with one voice or accept defeat.

Leavers seem to manage this Brexit thing very well. They have one simple principle. They want out of the EU at all costs. They don’t want any of those nasty foreigners in our Country. They don’t want them in any way involved in the making of our laws either. They don’t want to be in any way part of the most peaceful Group of Countries in the World and are willing to abandon everything. Nothing else matters to them. A very simple philosophy and they seem to be talking with one voice.

Remainers on the other hand are arguing every single day on all sorts of issues and are unable to agree on anything.

We must never forget that in every Remain Group, there are a mix of people that come from all parties, from the Conservatives, from Labour, from the Liberal Democrats, from the Greens, from the SNP and more.

Every day you see anti Tory comments for example. They are often comments that seem to totally consume everything in the minds of those making these comments. They say something like, “Those people that voted for the Conservatives must be held to account”, or something similar. We have to have somebody to blame, let’s hate them for the position we are in now.” Let’s hate the old, they all voted Leave”. “Let’s hate those living in other Countries of the EU”.  What a waste of time and energy all that is. Nobody knows the percentages of  Tory voters that genuinely wanted this present Government to meander away from LONG HELD PRINCIPLES, turn sharp right, away from the EU and become an extremist Party. Many former Conservatives exist in every Remain Group, don’t let’s turn them away. Keep them with us. There are few in parliament at present that have the guts to argue against “She who must be obeyed”. We should however remember the likes of Kenneth Clarke and all the other Kenneth Clarkes that voted for the Conservatives in all innocence, not knowing what lay ahead.

I would happily support a Pro EU Labour Party, but what on earth is going on in Labour at the moment? Should anyone support a leader of the Labour Party above the EU? Will Corbyn in fact ever save us from Brexit?  Is it possible? Are you prepared to wait and find out? We don’t have that much time! Is it at all possible that the true Labour Party is a natural ‘Leave Europe Party’? Not very likely is it, but that is what it seems like at the moment. Now is the time to turn the Labour ship around and end the infernal Labour left/right arguments. Let us forget personalities and just get on with opposing Brexit, not wait until the last moment and probably find out that there is no time for turning back. Remember above all that many people voted in great numbers against the Tories, NOT for the Labour Party and many recognise that now.

The Liberal Democrats are often described as irrelevant. Of course they are, and always will be while we ignore them and refuse to support them. What was all this ‘Let’s vote for the Labour Party as a tactical vote’ all about? We must not forget all of those in the Liberal Democrats that are passionate Remainers. We must not turn against them or revile them. They desperately want to stay in the EU and that’s what we want, don’t we? Well, don’t we??? Why are we turning against those that are on our side?  We are being self-destructive. “Well they did this, they did that. They didn’t do this, they didn’t do that.” What the hell does the past matter, when more urgent matters are at hand? Just imagine if the vote for the Liberal Democrats in the last General Election was in the same numbers as in 2010, they could possibly have held the balance of power. That could have made a big difference because they support the EU! I have voted for the Liberal Democrats just once and that was at the last election. Not for someone that I didn’t really want to succeed. I saw too many comments at the time, that in their panic, all that mattered to them was to get the Tories out. Not a thought for who actually SUPPORTED the EU.

Who you voted for in the past, however, is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. Brexit goes way beyond Party. Support ONLY the EU if you want to remain. To really support Remain will be for your own immediate benefit and also for the benefit of generations to come. Don’t denigrate ANYONE that wants to stay in the EU, whatever their past ‘crimes’. All that matters is that we come together and speak with one voice. Let’s support those that support the EU. If you don’t do that, please leave your Pro-EU Group now. If you don’t do that, you may not even know it, but in effect you are a Leaver and a troll. It is time to reconsider your priorities before it is too late. Reconsider, before you are simply regarded as trolls who will do nothing worthwhile to Remain in the EU.

Reconsider, before you are regarded on Remain Groups as nothing but an enemy of the EU. Many are getting fed up with those that are arguing irrelevant issues that do not help the problem at hand.

Unity is necessary. OPENLY speak out in support of the EU, not another ideal. If we don’t, we are responsible for our own demise, and God help us and all those that come after us.