If there was another Referendum, would we accept a Leave result?


Written by Geoff Bishop.

If there was another Referendum, would we accept a Leave result?


A number of Corbyn supporters are still saying loudly that it is undemocratic not to accept the result of the Referendum, which asked whether or not we should leave the European Union. The wider view from previous Labour voters seems to be that they are fed up with Corbyn and are vowing not to vote for Labour under the leadership of Corbyn.

Well, forget Corbyn for a moment, would we accept a further Leave result? Democracy! That is the most important issue. The referendum was NOT democratic.  We were fed lies from the start by Euro-sceptic politicians, some actually posing as Remain supporters. These lies were soon uncovered and even admitted to by these Leave supporters. How can this be allowed to stand?  Is this the level to which British politics has sunk, and must we accept such corruption? This simple question, in or out was not accompanied by a long and detailed scrutiny as to whether it was actually going to be good for the Country. It was not accompanied by a detailed explanation as to actually what we were voting for. Just IN or OUT? There was nothing more to it than that.

The public were rushed into having to make a decision, based on nothing, and they decided purely on instinct. Unfortunately this instinct was not backed up by in-depth knowledge of what we were voting for. As Churchill once said “”The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”  This is patently true, not because the public at large are necessarily unintelligent, but they do not have the basic knowledge to make such a decision.

When this lack of knowledge is subjected to a daily bombardment of ‘facts’ from the press, the owners of which, mostly have a vested interest in taking us out of the European Union. Millionaires only care about their own situation and want to avoid scrutiny from a democratic organisation, such as the European Union. They don’t care about the public.

The European Union, is it a democratic organisation? Well, these people in the EU ARE elected, and we don’t have anything in the UK that could at present be called anything as close to being democratic as the EU.

We had all the experts advising that the decision to leave the EU would be a bad idea. Advice from Banks, big business and also entrepreneurs who have pulled themselves up by their own boot-straps to become incredibly successful business people were totally ignored.

“We have no need of experts. We don’t need experts to tell us what we should do!”

Well, I would rather have an expert attend to me when I have a toothache. I don’t really fancy a DIY friend with an electric drill taking care of me. A carpenter with a Stanley knife doesn’t appeal if I had to have an appendix removed.

That however is what is happening. We are being forcibly removed from the EU by non-experts. Politicians are like the carpenter with a Stanley knife. Politicians are not experts in every field. They need expert advisers with in depth knowledge of their own particular field of expertise, but apparently not.

So the question is now, If there was another Referendum, would we accept a Leave result?


Well not really, unless certain things were attended to first. One important issue is the many hundreds of thousands of British citizens around the World and most importantly in the European Union who are denied a vote just because they have lived outside the Country for more than 15 years. You don’t cease to be a British citizen just because you live outside the UK. The whole point about the EU is that we have been allowed to live and work in any EU member Country we choose. This has been our right for so many years. Why then should people who have taken up this right, be denied the vote? Being able to vote, these people could make a very big difference. Being denied that vote is undemocratic in itself.