Green MEP says Brexit has created hostile environment for migrants


Posted by Geoff Bishop.

Written by Andrew Whitaker.

BREXIT has created a “hostile environment” in the UK for migrants, Green MEP Jean Lambert has claimed.

She said their treatment had been “disgraceful” due to uncertainty over their right to remain after the UK leaves the EU.

The MEP for London launched the attack on Tory ministers at the Scottish Green conference yesterday.

She said: “Throughout the Brexit negotiations, the treatment of migrants has been disgraceful. The vast contribution of migrants who have chosen to build their lives in the UK should be celebrated.”

Lambert, who was a guest speaker at the conference in Greenock, added: “The ‘hostile environment’ in the UK is making it harder for all migrants to live their lives without the fear of immigration checks and the threat of deportation or removal from the country.

“The hostile environment doesn’t recognise borders – it permeates and poisons society.”