EU Referendum – Discover the Extent of Russian Funding and Influence.


Robert Braban

6th November 2017

EU Referendum – Discover the Extent of Russian Funding and Influence.

It was recently reported that Britain’s election watchdog, the electoral commission, would open an inquiry into possible Russian meddling in the Brexit referendum.

The most recent revelations coming out of Washington in have shown in graphic terms how Moscow used the reach of new technology and social media to try to influence last year’s presidential election in a way that would never have been possible in the analogue world of just a few years ago.

There is also evidence of Russian-linked interference in the more recent elections in France and Germany. It doesn’t take too big a conspiracy theorist to conclude that exactly similar techniques would have been used in the Brexit referendum.

Brexit was clearly in Russia’s strategic interest. As well as being one of the EU’s most hawkish members the UK has, when it came to imposing sanctions over Moscow’s proxy war in Ukraine, been a powerful influence. There is clear recognition in Russia and elsewhere that even allowing for the best possible exit terms from the EU, Britain will fast become a diminishing influence in world politics. That can only be good for Russia.

It is one thing suspecting and quite another proving such claims. Facebook and Twitter insist that they are now proactively looking for potential foreign interference but some are sceptical about the extent of their inquiries. As far as Facebook is concerned, individual members have turned up several grounds for suspicion, with one particular Moscow based individual being an administrator on no fewer than 30 separate ‘Leave’ promoting Facebook Pages.

The Electoral Commission’s inquiry, while welcome, is clearly not enough. A fraudulent election is no election. Moreover, the allegations are not limited to electoral influence. There is also a question mark over the source of millions of pounds in political donations from contributors who have since been revealed to allegedly be without the assets to make such donations. Where did the Banks/Farage and other external funding originate. There must be a paper trail.

Unfortunately, we are in a position where we have a morally corrupt government that will not wish to discover the truth. At the present time we have the parliamentary sex scandal rocking Westminster, a lame duck Prime Minister and the likelihood that a detailed investigation into Russian influence on the referendum would drag in the involvement of UK MPs. The truth would certainly inflict further damaged on the factionalised Tory Party and might extend further. Why is the opposition not screaming about this obvious affront to democracy?

To get to the truth needs the resources of Britain’s intelligence services. According to The Times, the only body outside government that can compel that cooperation is parliament’s intelligence and security committee, which has the power to take evidence in private from MI5 and GCHQ. Why are they not taking action?

The government and opposition must not be permitted to sweep this under the carpet.