Don’t underestimate 70 years of peace, friendship and prosperity in the EU


I wrote the first part of this last year but today seem a good day to share again. We’re EU friends now aren’t we?

Written and posted by John Laforge.

My nan was 11 in 1914. She had three older brothers. All three went off to war. One came back, one is buried in Le Tréport, near Dieppe and the other one was never found.

I spent a lot of time with my Nan and Grandad, on account of they lived right next door. She’d read poems and letters and would often cry a bit while she recited. I was only a kid so I didn’t really understand.

They were teenagers when they marched off. They had grins on their faces. They were the relatives I never met. Look at your kids and grandkids – they look just the same – but without smartphones and games consoles. They sat in trenches, surrounded by bits of their comrades, some of them literally pissing and shitting themselves in terror, while calling for their parents.

Some did volunteer but most were conscripted, so had the choice between being ostracised as a coward and possibly facing a firing squad, or joining in because it would be a breeze that was sure to be over by Christmas.

Oh… the brother who came back, went off to WW2. He’s buried at Monte Cassino.

The only two truly ‘World’ Wars were initiated by countries in Europe. Europe – the most bloody, war-torn continent in history.

In 1946 Churchill’s dream was a united Europe – no more wars. Years later we’ve managed to achieve this and armed conflict between EU member countries is unthinkable. The EU now has its members sitting around tables discussing things. We have an elected parliament making laws and regulations to the benefit of all its citizens. We have peace, we have prosperity and we have plenty of everything we need, all facilitated by a civil-service (those wasteful, unelected bureaucrats you hear about) numbering around 60,000 – roughly the same amount as employed by the city of Birmingham.

When Kippers, Biffers and the rest say our grandparents fought for our country and would be turning in their graves because we’re in the EU, they’re wrong. Our grandparents would be very happy that later generations haven’t had to go through the shite they had to endure.

Remember Less than a week after our glorious PM delivered the article 50 letter, we had the nasty old semi-retired Tory bastard Michael Howard suggesting war with Spain – to “teach them a lesson like we did Argentina”. It doesn’t matter that the twisted old git was suggesting going to war against a fellow member of the EU and a NATO ally – just send a gunboat and we’ll teach the foreign fekkers a lesson. Of course it wasn’t going to happen but just look at the thousands of really excited pricks reading the Sun/Mail/Express and drooling at the thought of giving Spain a good seeing-to. The same pricks who would be queuing at their GP’s and begging for a diagnosis of ‘Flat-Feet’, ‘Mental Incompetence’ or something similar if they thought there was a chance they’d be called-up, given a rifle and told to shoot at people who are shooting back. It’s the old bastards who were too young to have participated in WW2 or Korea, along with the younger fascist twits who’s idea of war is an X-Box game, where when you’re killed you just restart. You certainly won’t find many serving or ex-soldiers who think war with anyone is a good idea – let alone over a lump of rock attached to Spain. A lump of rock that serves no purpose other than a place where you can see monkeys nicking ice-creams from kids and a place the wealthy can stash their loot. It does of course guard the gateway to the Med, but I’m sure that Spain and NATO have that aspect covered.

If there were no other benefit at all to membership of the EU, I for one am more than happy to pay the price of membership (roughly four quid a month – a pint in a pub), to ensure my grandchildren won’t have to suffer the horrors that my grandparents went through.