May’s mistake raises possibility of second ‘Brexit’ vote

By Bill Jamieson Posted by Geoff Bishop Three huge uncertainties have now befallen what was already set to be a long, fraught and complex Brexit negotiation starting in ten days. First, who will be the UK Prime Minister over this 18-month period and who will Continue Reading

UK Election Result May Lead to a More Democratic and Accountable Brexit

Prelude to a remarkable result By Dr Robin Niblett CMG Article posted by Geoff Bishop Theresa May was chosen by the Conservative Party last autumn to be the safe pair of hands that would navigate Britain through the difficult waters of Brexit. She had called yesterday’s snap Continue Reading

The UK government is in no condition to start Brexit negotiations … so can Article 50 be paused or reversed?

Written by Jim Edwards Posted by Geoff Bishop We are not ready to negotiate! LONDON — Way back in April, when the Conservatives were 20 points ahead of Labour in the polls, we asked this seemingly crazy question: “Imagine, by some miracle, that Theresa May and Continue Reading

EU court ruling on Singapore trade will have major post-Brexit impact

By Cormac Little While meaningful engagement on Brexit has stalled pending the outcome of this week’s Westminster elections, last month’s ruling from the EU’s highest court regarding the EU/Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) contains useful guidance on the timing and scope of the forthcoming negotiations Continue Reading