Do you believe that we need a second referendum ? Do you believe that it would be sensible to remain in the single market and custom union ?

People in the U.K. would vote to remain in the European Union if they were given a second in-out referendum, according to a survey of public opinion across the bloc. In a Eurobarometer survey, involving around 1,000 people in each of the bloc’s 28 countries Continue Reading

Johnson is either clueless about Border or doesn’t give a damn.

From The Irish Times Excellent journalism by Vincent Boland posted by John Laforge. Boris Johnson might find his Irish cake hard to digest. British foreign secretary is either clueless about Border or doesn’t give a damn. The UK’s flailing effort to leave the EU can Continue Reading

There’ll be no Brexit, just a parliamentary stalemate – Lord Ashdown

Britain will remain in the European Union because the Government will not be able to deliver a hard or soft Brexit, Paddy Ashdown has said. The former Liberal Democrat leader accused the Government of being incapable of delivering “anything” and predicted there would be a Continue Reading

Brexit: UK won’t leave the EU and will one day join the Euro, says Lord Heseltine

Despite the resignation of most other Europhile MPs to the fact that Brexit now appears inevitable, the former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister, said he believed the UK will one day adopt the Euro “when the time is right”. He told LBC radio it was “very possible” the UK will Continue Reading

Brexit rots our rights. How can Theresa May ignore the stench?

Prime ministers are rarely judged on the power of their noses. The way they speak and listen attracts comment. They are praised if they have a common touch or strong vision. Smell is routinely underrated among the political senses, and yet I am increasingly convinced Continue Reading