Why hard Brexit could cost UK car industry £4.5 billion in tariffs annually.

Britain’s car industry has been the exception to the rule that UK manufacturing has declined precipitously since the 1980s. More than 1.7m vehicles roll off its production lines annually, it employs 814,000 workers and boasts an annual turnover of £71.6 billion. Nissan in Sunderland is arguably Continue Reading

Scotland announces free tuition for EU students starting after Brexit date.

EUROPEAN students who travel to Scotland to study can still benefit from free tuition after the UK’s formal Brexit date. The Scottish Government has announced that students from other European Union (EU) countries who start their course in the academic year 2019-20 will not be Continue Reading

British Veterinary Association : Brexit ‘perfect storm’ could result in UK vet capacity crisis.

The BVA president John Fishwick has said the far-reaching impact of Brexit on personal and professional lives, public policy and trade is creating “a perfect storm that could result in a veterinary capacity crisis for the UK”. Speaking at the association’s annual London dinner last night Continue Reading

Brexiteers shouting democracy must beware the path of Robespierre

BY DICK TAVERNE Brexiteers shouting democracy must beware the path of Robespierre   Our democracy is more than a majoritarian dictatorship. It has become the conventional wisdom that the referendum is the ultimate expression of democracy.  Politicians of all parties seem obliged to acknowledge that Continue Reading