Exploding the lies that won Brexit for the Leave Campaign, Part One.


Written and posted by Geoff Bishop.

There were so many lies I will have to come back and post a follow up to these 20 lies

Lie number one: £350 MILLIONS for the NHS

The Leave Campaign’s first lie was contained in the slogan on the big red bus. “We send the EU £350 Million a Week. Let’s fund the NHS instead” They were even counting how many hospitals they could build with that! Leavers swallowed this hook, line and sinker.

Of course EU Membership has a cost to it. The UK pays the EU more than it gets back, but it is NOT £350 million a week!

The UK receives a rebate and significantly reduces the amount we have to pay. In 2015 we paid the EU an estimated £13 billion, or £250 million a week. Some of this money came back to the Government, reducing the net contribution to £8,5 Billion, or £160 million a week. On top of this the EU also spends money DIRECTLY in grants.

On the very same day that the EU referendum result was announced, Nigel Farage retreated from that ‘Fund the NHS Pledge’, claiming that it was a mistake! Only a few months later Theresa May admitted herself that the slogan was a lie. She even said that this was not what people voted for.

This blatant lie was thought to be long dead and buried, when in April 2017, Leave Campaigner Boris Johnson stood by the £350 million figure on ITV’s programme ‘Good Morning Britain’.

Was it stupidity, deception or a Government not really knowing the true facts? You decide!

Lie number two: Brexit will be good for the economy.

The Remain Campaign warned us all of the hardship we would be facing. The Leave Campaign said we would be OK, that we should not listen to experts. Suddenly it became fashionable to ignore the experts, the big businesses, the Banks, the economists. Experts were no longer listened to because it suited the Leavers. What did they know? The facts are that Sterling has fallen dramatically and inflation is on the rise. People are finding ways to buy cheaper. Yes, Brexit is hitting our pockets already and we have not left the EU yet.

Lie number three: We will have the same benefits outside the EU.

During the referendum campaign we were promised that everything would be the same outside the EU. Back in January David Davis said that he wanted to deliver the same benefits that we enjoyed in the EU. Now David Davis is saying that exact same benefits were never a promise and that he would make no apology for being ambitious. This is of course politicians double-talk, more commonly known to us all as a great big fat lie.

Lie number four: The EU need us more than we need them.

Leave campaigners kept saying that we would get a good deal because the EU exports more to us than we do to them.

Let us consider the truth. About 60% of our trade goes to or through the EU and around 10% of EU trade comes to the UK. As far as the UK is concerned it is estimated that a 25% reduction in trade would create a £75 Billion trade gap or in other words 15% of our total trade.

For the EU the reduction could be 2% or less of total trade for many of the Countries. Several Countries could see little or even no loss of trade.

The interesting thing is that all the EU Countries will get a veto on the final deal. This makes the UK in a far weaker possible position in terms of negotiation.

The truth is that we need them far more than they need us.

Lie number five: Immigrants are taking our jobs and lowering our wages.

Nigel Farage et al. told us again and again that our jobs were at risk because of immigration. This is a lie. The facts are that if anything immigrants CREATE jobs. All immigrants will buy food, clothes et. And that is what creates or protects jobs.

The jobs that they may take away are only low-qualified jobs that nobody else wants anyway. It is possible that wages are lowered in a small number of cases, but it only happens when immigration is at a high level, which is not the case in the UK .

Lie number six: Low skilled immigrants are taking jobs from British workers

Leavers have been saying that if you are unskilled then an immigrant is probably taking your job and lowering wages all round. Why is it then that David Davis has said that “the UK is not about to “suddenly shut the door” on low-skilled EU migrants. Davis has said that Britain wanted control over immigration but that it would only restrict free movement of people when it was in the “national interest”.

He said that it was not plausible that British citizens would immediately take jobs in the agriculture, social care and hospitality industry once the UK had left the EU and repeated comments made previously that immigration restrictions would be phased in. He said: “It will be a gradual process. That will take some time. He admitted it will take years.

Davis also said that immigrants had helped make the UK a strong economy. “We’re a successful economy, largely or partly at least because we have clever people, talented people come to Britain,”

In other words the Government have agreed that immigrants are necessary, making a lie of the claim that an immigrant is probably taking your job and lowering wages all round!

Lie number seven: We have a mandate to leave the single market.

Leavers have said that people voted to leave the single market and the customs union etc. They have said that the referendum gave them a mandate to do so. They have also said that they clearly stated before the vote that we would leave the single market.

The truth is contained in many videos stating that we would NOT leave the single market as evidenced in this link:


The truth is recorded, just watch the video. It was lies before the vote or lies now. Take your pick.   

Lie number eight: We will trade under WTO rules. Easy!

Leavers said that if we are not part of the Single Market, of course we can access it under WTO rules.

The truth is that we are only part of the WTO as part of the EU. If we want to join, then it is by no means easy.

Peter Ungphakorn was a senior information officer with the WTO Secretariat until 2015 and he says: “A common assumption in the June 23 referendum debate is that after leaving the EU, the UK could “simply” operate as an ordinary WTO member. Eventually that’s true, but getting there would be far from simple.

Some experts believe that the adjustments would be little more than technical, and that any negotiations would be straightforward. They could be right. It would depend on whether the WTO’s membership is determined to accommodate the UK’s wishes.

But recent experience in the WTO suggests that is unlikely. A closer look at the details suggests some key issues could be politically contentious among the WTO’s members, currently 162 countries.

On top of that, recent negotiating experience suggests that willingness to accommodate each other’s interests quickly is a scarce commodity in the WTO and even a final agreement cannot be guaranteed.

If that is true, then post-Brexit, the UK can expect a long and rough ride.”

Lie number nine: Immigration is out of control.

Nigel Farage was out to bamboozle us all, or he was extremely confused. He was certainly confusing different issues. With his breaking point poster he confused EU immigration, non EU immigration and refugees. His poster was a lie as he obviously tried to make out that the crowd was from the EU. It was quite clearly not so.

This anti-migrant poster unveiled by Nigel Farage was reported to the police with a complaint that it incited racial hatred and breached UK race laws. The poster showed a queue of mostly non-white migrants and refugees with the slogan “Breaking point: the EU has failed us all.”

It was a blatant attempt to incite racial hatred and was a complete lie.  He was attempting to frighten working people into voting to leave the EU.

Boris Johnson distanced himself from this official UKIP leave campaign poster, while Nicola Sturgeon and other politicians also condemned the poster.

Whether you agree or disagree that there is too much immigration, we are all entitled to hear the truth. The then Home Secretary was busy fiddling with numbers while the likes of the Sun and the Mail stretched the truth somewhat by printing that immigration was a big problem. In fact the Sun was forced to publish a correction. The fact is that we are NOT overrun with immigration.

Lie number ten: We want to gain control from the EU.

The Lie was that the EU decides for us and we are not writing our own laws anymore. Leavers said that it is in the hands of unelected Eurocrats.

The real truth is that UK politics is in the hands of big money. It is billionaires and millionaires who call the shots in UK politics. These are people that definitely have not been elected!

European politics is on the face of it, more open, above board and more honest. At least the European Commissaries have to swear an oath not to listen to lobbies!

We are NOT taking control at all and politics in the UK is in the hands of a few fat cats!

Lie number eleven: Immigration is bad for the economy.

Farage and the Daily Mail were forever saying that immigration is bad for the economy.

In fact those Countries that have opened their doors to immigration have done well out of immigration, starting with the huge American immigration wave from the mid nineteenth Century onwards. Closer to home Sweden and Germany seem to be doing very well out of immigration.

 Lie number twelve: The EU is corrupt.

During the EU referendum campaign, Leavers were forever saying that the EU was a corrupt institution. Although certain Countries within the EU, particularly the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania may well be individually corrupt, the European Union itself as an institution has had its accounts signed off and any level of fraud that may exist is far below that of most National budgets. The economic part of the UkraineEuropean Union Association Agreement was signed on 27 June 2014 by the new President, Petro Poroshenko, who described this as Ukraine’s “first but most decisive step” towards EU membership. Poroshenko also set 2020 as a target for an EU membership application.

Lie number thirteen: We will keep access to the EU and we will stop EU immigration.

This is like having your cake and eating it.

Theresa May herself however confirmed that we were going for a hard Brexit, which means that we will have no access to the Single Market, not even under WTO rules. This means that although we will still be able to sell goods to EU Countries, there will be prohibitive tariffs which will make us uncompetitive.

Lie number fourteen: Student visas are used to come and stay illegally.

Leavers have been saying that many students come to the UK on a student visa and fail to go back in massive numbers. The lie is contained in the last three words “in massive numbers”.

It has been suggested that only 1% of students fail to return after a Home Office investigation. However the Home Office refuse to confirm this, so it looks as though their findings are being withheld. Unless the Government confirms these reports we will not know the truth. One can only speculate that it is not in the interest of the Governments’ case in support of a hard Brexit.

Lie number fifteen: Immigrants come here to sponge benefits!

Leavers stated that immigrants because they are attracted by our generous benefit system and will sponge on it.

This is a complete lie and from the report which is linked below, it is clear that there is a positive contribution by European immigrants in terms of what they pay into the fiscal system versus what they receive in benefits and transfers. Immigrants from non-EEA Countries on the other hand, contribute less than they receive. Natives also make a negative net contribution over the same period. Liam Fox


Lie number Sixteen: Free Trade with EU post-Brexit

Liam Fox claimed that we can trade freely with the EU after Brexit.

Nick Clegg was right when he said: “Liam Fox is delusional about the impact of Brexit on British trade with the rest of the world. Unbelievably, he claims to be ‘taking an axe to red tape across borders’.The truth is that leaving the EU’s customs union and single market will bring a deluge of new Brexit red tape down on the heads of British businesses who export to the continent.”

Full report from the BBC on the following link:


The BBC page concludes the article with the phrase: ‘Nobody in the government has the first idea of what they’re going to do next on the Brexit front’…

Lie number Seventeen: We will stop giving money to the EU

One of the Leaver reasons to leave the EU is to stop paying contributions to it. They also said that we would stop propping up the Euro. Of course as a non-Euro Country we do not have to prop up the Euro anyway.

Michael Heseltine put it in perspective when he said “This is the saddest of all the many claims that those who want to leave Europe have made… The argument is: if we come out, we save 7 billion pounds a year. But, of course, it doesn’t work like that. There are two countries – Norway and Switzerland – who are not members of the European Union but have got trading agreements of the sort that we would have to renegotiate with Europe. And, if you actually look at what they pay for their trading agreements, it’s quite obvious that there would be very little saving, if any, for Britain, because we would have to agree as part of the new negotiations the cost of entry to that market.

But, you know, there is one fundamental difference. Norway, and Switzerland – although having access, and paying for that access – get told the conditions upon which their industrialists can trade. If we put ourselves in that position, we know that the French, Germans, Italians, Spanish, other industrial countries within the European Union, would set the rules, and they would tell us what we had to do. By being a member of the Single European Market, we help design the rules. So, A) We wouldn’t save any money. And B) We would be told what conditions would apply to us.

Lie number Eighteen: The EU is bossing us around.

Boris Johnson et al.in the Leave camp say that Brussels is bossing us around.

Well guess what? Yes you guessed it. They are lying again! Surprised about that aren’t you? No. I thought you might not be.

As the video shows we impose OUR will on the other 27 states. However, if we leave the EU, we will not have any say at all.


Lie number nineteen: We are selling coffee to Brazil.

Andrea Leadsom announced that we are selling coffee to Brazil. It sounds just like the very old ‘coals to Newcastle’ joke!

So how much coffee is grown in the UK and sold to Brazil? Britain’s climate hardly has the right conditions to grow coffee beans, so what was dear old Angela on about?

Political Scrapbook called the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs to ask, but they were rather stumped by the question. No answers there then.

Much later, a spokesperson from DEFRA got in touch, to point out that the UK exported £1m of [processed] coffee to Brazil, and £270m worldwide from Jan to June 2016.

So, we’re importing coffee to process it and export it out again. Hardly what was implied in the speech.

Take a little more water with it next time Angela, before you open your mouth with a ‘twist’ on the truth.

Lie number Twenty: We do not have a veto over Turkey joining the EU

Before the Referendum Penny Mordaunt, a Eurosceptic Tory Minister said that the UK does not have a veto over the new membership of states such as Turkey, DESPITE IT BEING A KEY PART OF THE TREATY OF THE EUROPEAN UNION!

She was accused of ‘plain and simple lying’ and this prompted the then Prime Minister David Cameron to intervene. He said she was ‘absolutely wrong’ on the matter and implied that her judgement on other matters should be called into question as a result.

LIES, LIES, LIES! There are so many of them I will have to leave it there and issue PART TWO in due course.